updates for: august 14 2018

JMC Illustration, my artwork site, got a PAGE 2 added to its portfolio.
A fanart section has been added that contains a handful of the various types of fan art I've done over the years for things I love. Have a look, and for those of you who have been following me for a long time, I wish you a nice trip down memory lane!

last time on mudai!...
10.16.17: Tales of Two Kings, my comic series starring the King of Pop and
the King of Rock n' Roll, is HERE! Visit its new home @ kings.juniebug.net!!!

3.4.17:    the surprise is here! please go take a look at the brand-new,
         freshly-launched JMC Illustration, my professional art site!

• • •

please keep an eye on my art blog on tumblr! that thing
is REGULARLY UPDATED with new scribbly stuff!

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